Empower Opportunity for All!

Miracles happen every day in Texas!

The Lone Star State shines brighter than all the rest because of our fundamental belief that limited government and maximum freedom help the people of Texas drive the kind of growth and opportunity that has delivered what is known as The Texas Miracle.

We deserve leaders who embrace the aspirations of our citizens and always seek policies to empower the people of our great state.

I’m Melisa Denis and I hope to earn your support so, together, we can make Texas even better for all our families!

- Melisa Denis

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More About Melisa

First in our Family to Graduate from College

I grew up in a modest Texarkana home – the Texas side, of course! Dad worked for the USPS and mom at the unemployment office. Neither had a college education and dad didn’t graduate from high school. But they worked hard every day, provided for our family, and instilled in us a strong work ethic, love for God, and deep appreciation for our wonderful Lone Star state.

During my junior and senior year of high school, I participated in a work/school program that allowed me to work half the day and go to school for the other. I didn’t know it at the time, but this would become a very important time in my life as I learned how to work in a professional environment.

Groundbreaking Professional Career

Over the course of a 30-year career with KPMG, I had the honor to work with all manner of companies from small businesses to global, Fortune 500 powerhouses. Having become the first female Partner for the Dallas office’s tax business, I worked 70-80 hours a week and was blessed to have some of the brightest and most talented teams of people working with me.

We Rise by Lifting Others

Supporting Public Education

As a product of public schools with a practical program that allowed me to work while finishing my high-school degree, I know our schools can make a difference in the lives of our children. We need to stand by public education, value strong parental involvement, and help schools evolve what they offer our students by embracing the new opportunities we have in Texas. With continued economic expansion, we need our schools to develop new workforce development options as well as business partnerships that can lead to good-paying jobs right out of high school. More work-ready and financial literacy programs will help our students have a solid foundation from which to grow.

Affordable Higher Education

I know from my responsibility as a University of North Texas Regent, as well as my own experience as a junior college student, how important it is for our future leaders to have affordable options after high school. That is why I continue to be a tuition watchdog to ensure our younger Texans can advance and get the education necessary for skilled technical positions or a four-year degree to set a course for their best future!

Preserve the Texas Miracle of Growth and Opportunity

Despite the lingering challenges from the COVID pandemic, North Texas remains an epicenter of business relocation and expansion. We need to ensure our region continues to attract explosive growth by maintaining a low tax, light regulation, and more affordable cost of living profile than other areas of the country. We are in competition for jobs of the future, and I will fight to make sure the Lone Star State is always leading the way.

Fight Inflation & Lower Costs for Hardworking Families

Hardworking families all across North Texas are suffering from massive increases in costs for gas, energy, food, and rent. The gas costs alone are driving increases our families simply cannot afford. To fight this inflation and help our families, we need a voice in Austin who is a champion for more Texas oil and natural gas production. More production will lower costs and help us get back to prices we can afford!

Deliver Real Property Tax Reform

With the fastest population growth in the country, property values are rising so fast they have become a problem for many long-time residents who are being taxed out of their homes. This is wrong and we need to deliver real property tax reform so the folks who have been here in our communities aren’t priced out of them. I am committed to leveraging our growth to empower meaningful property tax cuts and changes because it’s time the state legislature put our taxpayers first.

Preserve Our Liberties

Without liberty, we have nothing. We have a proud legacy of respecting Constitutional rights which must be preserved for generations to come. Other states have shown they are all too wiling to infringe on individual liberties – not Texas. We won’t allow it and I’ll proudly vote to protect each and every freedom we hold so dear.

Protect the Sanctity of Life

I believe life begins at conception and every life is a gift from God. Protecting unborn Texans is a moral obligation in which we must not fail. I also believe we need to update adoption laws to make them less cumbersome on the thousands of deserving, loving parents who are ready to start the next Texas family.

Expand Texas Energy Development & Keep the Lights ON

We need more energy generation and the capacity to deliver the megawatts necessary to cool/warm our homes and power our businesses. With the God-given resources we have available, new technological developments, and a commitment to making sure we always keep the lights on, Texas must expand our energy generation to keep it abundant, reliable, and affordable.

Texas is on the Front Line of Biden’s Border Disaster

Border security is national security. Texas is the largest border state and we feel the brunt of Joe Biden’s disastrous Open Border policies that have only strengthened drug cartels and human traffickers while costing us billions of dollars. Texans deserve to live in safety and not worry about how our communities are being threatened by catastrophically irresponsible federal policies. Sadly, this puts us in the position of having to do everything possible to secure the border and crack down on the criminals taking advantage of Biden’s border disaster.

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